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The story of a Beverley florist

wendy_eagle_of_Fenwick_FlowersFrom reader to florist

Hello! I’m florist Wendy Eagle from Beverley, East Yorkshire. A few years ago, I chanced upon an article about Fieldhouse Flowers run by Gill Hodgson. Intrigued, I gave her a call. Within the hour we were drinking coffee at her kitchen table talking about the glories of British flowers!

I joined her Flowers from the Farm group, attended flower arranging courses and helped Gill out with weddings. Word spread and soon I was commissioned as a florist for events and occasions around Beverley and East Yorkshire. That’s when Fenwick Flowers was born, named after my maiden name.

Around the world to Yorkshire

Before having my family, I lived in many places across Scandinavia, Australia and the UK. I used to cook in stately homes and on yachts, so sourcing local ingredients is second nature. I’ve always enjoyed gardening and being creative, so becoming a florist has been a natural step.

Taking the time

I offer a friendly, personal service. Pull up a seat at the kitchen table, have a coffee and let’s chat about what you’d like. There’s no limit on my time, or my ideas.

A garden of delights

My sample garden in Beverley is bursting with British flowers. My Granddad and Mum grew sweet peas and snapdragons so hold a special place in my heart. Tulips are another favourite, but there are really too many to name!

I grow plants to order or select them from Yorkshire growers who offer “every British flower in its natural season: double Tulips, giant Ranunculus, Sweet Peas and scented Roses, herbs, trailing vines, cheerful annuals and stately perennials – all  grown here in Yorkshire”.  I only buy imported flowers when absolutely necessary. I also love using foraged materials from hedgerows and woodlands.

My garden is a frequent location in Fenwick Flowers Facebook photo album

Call for a chat

Whether you’re brimming with ideas or a little lost about flowers, please call 01482 863180 or 07527 584078  email me at info@fenwickflowers.co.uk


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